Credit Union promotion targets friends and family
This campaign for Redstone Federal credit Union was pretty simple... just people on the street chatting about Redstone's "Refer-a-Friend" promotion.

We shot pretty quickly, getting everything we needed in about a half day. For a hometown look, we chose the small downtown area in neighboring Madison for its "Mayberry" feel.

Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the spot, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing. Doug Turkel performed the closing narration. Hannah Aslesen, Caleb Spivak , and Belinda D'pree took on the roles of our Redstone Customers. This was a very straightforward production, the compositing and motion tracking of the phone screen was the only real video voodoo going on in the commercial.

For the image of the girl in the video chat, Todd called his neice Reagan who was with a friend on a road trip to Indianapolis. She stopped the car, recorded a bit on her phone, and went on her way. We're not sure if we ever paid her for that. Maybe she'll forget about it.