Hitting the road for Alabama Farm Credit
For this campaign for Alabama Farm Credit revolving around life in the country, we got to see a good bit of it. That's because all of our locations were fairly far apart, so the crew spent quite a few miles on the road just getting from place to place.

Our usual commercial shoots only take a day or two, but these took a bit longer since they called for that "Magic Hour" look that restricts filming to only that short time right after sunrise and right before sunset. That, plus finding good weather during a particularly meteorologically-challenging period stretched the shoots out over a couple of weeks in order to find just the right moments to capture the images that we need.

Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the spots, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing. Brian Roberts performed the narration.

We appreciated the help of Stuart Sanderson of Henderson Farms, who's always our go-to guy for anything and everything farm related. Stuart is a real advocate for farmers and always eager to help promote their stories... so we gladly take advantage of his good will and expertise.

We're just glad he was able to successfully dodge our drone in couple of aerial shots.