No muss, no fuss, to promote Hondas
Some of our past spots for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association have been fairly involved productions — with actors, various locations, and new cars driving all around our area. But for this new campaign for Civics and Accords we were facing a big time crunch so the mandate from Honda ad guru Ben Boles was "Just keep it simple."

So, we just parked beautiful new cars in the lobby of a nice building, and went to work...

Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the spots, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing. We're always happy to have Tim Ross and Karen Boles return as our Honda spokespeople, professional actors always make our job easier.

One side note: our time was very limited with Tim Ross as he was currently in another acting gig 500 miles away from us, a production of Tennessee Williams' "Streetcar..." Since Tim is slightly older than the average Stanley Kowalski, Joey asked if they were calling this version "A Streetcar Named Retire." OUCH!