Class pics help promote schools
Remember "class picture day" back when you were in school? Everyone hoped for that perfect shot, since you had to live with it permanently in the yearbook, and on the sheets of wallet-sized copies to give to your friends. Chances are, though, that was the day a cowlick couldn't be beaten down, or was the moment some evil pimple picked to make an appearance.

We wanted to tap into that little bit of nostalgia with this campaign promoting the good things happening at Huntsville City Schools.

Most of our "class subjects" were photographed in our studio, but we hauled Mayor Tommy Battle and City Councilman Devyn Keith out to a location shoot at an area elementary school to get the full "school picture" flavor, backed up with a few dozen kids as our background extras.

Todd Terry concepted and directed the campaign, writing it along with producer Phil Schmidt, and editing by Joey Skelton.

This project was coordinated by the school system's agency, The Driscoll Group.

Unlike a real school picture day, everyone's hair behaved.