Brand new Civic with a cool, hip vibe
This spot for Honda kept things hopping.

The new Civic is a great car for young people (we're trying not to use the term "millennials"), so Honda ad guy Ben Boles had us concept something young and hip with a cool vibe for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association.

We took a local venue near our studio, some members of an area band, added some strings of lights and an handful of dancing extras to create the party.

Phil Schmidt concepted and produced this spot, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing. Chicago's Jimmy Styx performed the narration — he's our go-to guy when we need a young hip voice.

We'll take it as a compliment that occassionally passers-by from the neighboring bar would wander onto our set, thinking a real show was underway (despite the director screaming "Cut!" every couple of minutes).