A clear view for cancer patients
At Fantastic Plastic we are best known for producing the commercials you see on television at home. But, we do produce lots of other things, too — industrial videos, corporate films, music videos, training videos, and such. This is one of those cases where the client needed more than 30 seconds to tell the story.

Clearview Cancer Institute came to us for a series of on-line videos. A cancer diagnosis is a scary and often confusing time, so Clearview wanted an easy way to guide patients through their first visits.

We produced three separate videos for Clearview, so patients going to the various different facilities can view customized information just for them. The full videos are each several minutes long, but here's a short excerpt from one of them...

Fantastic Plastic's Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the project, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing. Most of our projects happen during regular business hours, but in this case since all of the Clearview locations are busy places (plus full of real patients that we could not show) the principal photography happened during after-hours and weekend shoots. We selected Melissa Jimenez to host the videos and a number of actors took roles as patients, family members, and Clearview staff.

Leigh Ann Lackey from Clearview was a peach to work with (and gets bonus points from us for being a Mid-Century Modern fan).