Five steps to save... on a budget
This one was super easy. The City of Huntsville's "Operation Green Team" came to us to create a campaign encouraging energy savings.

Like a lot of government programs, this had a shoestring production budget, compounded by the fact they needed five different spots. So, we thought, if they don't have the budget to make it look really good, maybe we should purposely make it look not-so-good." That gave us the idea of old-style school films, like you might see in Drivers' Ed or Hygiene class (was there such a thing as Hygiene class?).

That made them fast, easy, and economical to produce. Here's a sample of just a couple...

These spots were written and directed by Todd Terry with editing and graphic design by Joey Skelton. Voice actor Dave Simmons actually specializes in "vintage style announcing" so we though he was a good choice as narrator.

Our creative director still insists on keeping his thermostat where he darn well pleases, though.