Global people, places, and things
Intergraph kept us very busy with this project, a series of videos for the 2016 HxGN LIVE conference in Anaheim, California.

Prior to the event we were on the road and in the air shooting people, places and things from Denver, Colorado to Edinburgh, Scotland — and quite a few places in between all crammed in a short period of time. It was one of those jobs where after a bit all the hotels and airports begin to blur together, but we always like going to interesting places and doing things a bit out of the ordinary.

This was probably one of our our more multicultural projects in a while, hearing everything from the southern drawls here in our own backyard to Aussie accents from down under and the better part of a dozen other nationalities as well, as Intergraph is truly a global company with employees and customers worldwide.

This was one of those projects where the content might not mean too much to the average viewer (unless you work in a big industrial environment and spend your day creating and managing instrumentation data). But, the big-screen "Show Opener" we also created for the conference has a universal message and can speak to just about anyone, anywhere...

Created mostly with still photography, we used a technique that breaks the photos apart into different elements in order to allow an animated 3D quality. It's not right for every project, but when it works it's pretty cool.