Airport asks "Why drive two hours?"
Lots of people make the trek to neighboring airports in Birmingham and Nashville for cheaper fares, rather than flying out of Huntsville International. But Huntsville's airport can boast one thing the others can't — convenience.

The airport's ad agency The McComm Group concepted this campaign showcasing the frustrations that come from adding a long drive to a plane trip, and turned it over to us to bring to the screen.

Footage of people inside moving automobiles on location can be tricky — there's glass, reflections, cramped quarters, and a host of other things that make getting great shots a lot tougher than shooting on a soundstage.

To help get these shots we went a bit "old school" and brought out techniques that were used on the great old cop show "Adam-12" for all of their driving footage.

A large "griff" (basically a solid black cloth in a frame) was used over the cars to kill windshield reflections while a hood-mounted camera slider let us move around to get the shots. For the slow moving traffic jam, the main cars never moved at all, but rather all the other ones did, giving the illusion of creeping traffic.

People having realistic conversations are often the most difficult thing to pull off on screen (so much so that, when it happens, you can bet it probably wasn't our idea), so we knew we needed excellent talent. We were fortunate to cast some great actors from more than a thousand submissions from throughout the southeast. Jimmy Styx provided the narration.

Todd Terry directed the campaign based on McComm's scripts, with Phil Schmidt producing and Joey Skelton editing.

In hindsight, for the full "Adam-12 treatment" we really needed executive producer Jack Webb crouched down and hiding in the car's back seat (he really did that!).