Campaign leads huge enrollment jump
As they say, "Education is never a waste."

We really believe that, so we were proud to produce this statewide campaign promoting the free Adult Education Classes available through the Alabama Community College System.

Each spot focuses on a different program they offer: job training, language education, and prep for the GED exam. These classes could help countless people who don't even know they exist, so the number-one goal was to simply get the word out.

To create these, we turned a classroom at Calhoun Community College into a temporary soundstage. There was a bit of choreography going on — as the camera would dolly back our extras had to do double-duty as stagehands and assemble the classroom set live during the shot.

For a campaign like this it helps to have really strong on-camera talent. After almost a thousand talent submissions, we brought in actors Blue Kimble and Elei Reyes from Atlanta and Bridgette Potts from Nashville as our "star pupils."

This campaign was written and produced by Phil Schmidt, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing.

Following the debut of the commercials, the state saw huge enrollment jumps for Alabama Adult Ed programs — almost 50 percent. With such high success rates, several other states wanted to use this campaign as well, so we were happy to customize it for them, too.

Our longtime pal Wes Torain from Calhoun coordinated everything at the school, with Janet Martin from ACCS cracking the whip. Gently. She's a peach.