Brand new Civic hits the streets after hours
We're not always nine-to-fivers here. Now and then we'll venture out to get the mood that only comes after business hours.

Honda ad-man Ben Boles was all over the idea of showcasing Honda's new re-designed Civic as a hip car with a cool vibe, so that meant taking to the streets at night. This was one in a series of commercials for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association.

Our rooftop parking deck location afforded great nighttime views of the city, augmented with a few of our own strings of lights to kick up the ambience a bit.

It's always good to bring Tim Ross and Karen Boles in for the on-camera duties, they never fail to make things easy. Phil Schmidt produced this spot, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing.

As our creative director, Todd would like to take full and complete credit for writing the clever line "Moving at the Speed of Night."

He'd like to, but he can't. That gem was all Ben Boles.

Darn him.