Vintage analog video gets a digital HD facelift
Every now and then we get to do a project just for fun, and this was one of them. A couple of decades ago, before Fantastic Plastic even existed, our director Todd Terry produced a music video for our very good friend Janette Smith.

At the time, it was a super quickie down-n-dirty zero-budget video — just friends hanging out and doing a fun project. The shoot was banged out in only an hour or so at 3am, shot with a borrowed cheapie home video camera in a nearby sound studio.

We wanted to update this project, but the challenge was to take old low-resolution footage and bring it into the HD world.

Here's what we came up with...

We think it turned out pretty well. One thing we didn't have to update was the music. This tune is timeless and sounds just as fresh today as it did back then.

In addition to being super super talented, Janette is one of our very favorite people.
She's awesome!