Redstone campaign says "Just the facts, ma'am"
Do you know who the "underbanked" are? We didn't either, but Redstone Federal Credit Union taught us some things. They're people who might not even have a checking account, but depend on check-cashing places and payday-loan outfits for their needs.

Many of these places, of course, charge high fees and interest rates bordering on highway robbery. Redstone wanted to make sure its members know the credit union can provide all those services and more, at rates that are fair.

Redstone's marketing team wanted very strictly a "just the facts and nothing else" approach to this multi-spot campaign, so we had to come up with a bit of a different way of doing things than the usual "storyteller" avenue we usually take.

Here are three of the commercials from the campaign...

Great on-camera talent always helps make a spot good. We cast a broad net on this search, and talent agencies throughout the southeast submitted more than a thousand actors for these roles. We narrowed headshots down to the 50 that we liked, and after some intense auditions we selected actors Nestor Fuentes, Erin Burns, Natalie Pero, and Kevin Walker to appear in the commercials.

Nestor (above, left) won the "mileage" award, as his trip to us from Florida for his role as the "landscaper" was probably twice as far as any of our other actors.

Our director Todd Terry usually likes fast-paced spots, with lots of edits (sometimes 20 or 30 shots in a single commercial). He took a very minimalist approach on these, though, with no edits — each spot completed in one single long dolly shot. There's not even a music score to cloud the message, just natural sound effects designed by editor Joey Skelton. Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the campaign.

Underbanked. You learn something new every day, huh?