Short commercials showcase tall awards
Sometimes it ok to brag on yourself. Longtime client Huntsville Hospital needed to do some back-patting after earning some pretty darn impressive Healthgrades awards for work in spine and cardiac surgery, so we helped them blow their own horn a bit.

While the hospital's awards were really impressive, the budgets for this project were not... and it became our job to create something that would get the job done without breaking the bank. We concepted and produced these two 15-second spots on a shoestring budget.

The live-action portion of these spots made for a bit of a nerve-racking shoot in our studio. These beautiful trophies were very large, very heavy, and made of glass (and no doubt quite expensive) so probably wouldn't enjoy an unexpected meeting with the hard stage floor... so balancing them on a narrow fake ladder rung (with no good way to attach them) created a bit of tension in the air. But we shot quickly, moved veeeery carefully, and avoided any disasters.

The rest of the spots are all CGI. After post-production compositing tests using Mocha for planar tracking, the real graphics were created and the final moves were completed in After Effects.

Phil Schmidt concepted and wrote the campaign, With Todd Terry directing and editing, and Joey Skelton handing the motion tracking. One of our new favorite most-fun-ever people Satauna Howell performed the narration (this subject matter was serious, but in real life she's a total hoot).