Mother Nature makes us punt
For most of our productions, we plan things like crazy. But sometimes things take a twist.

For this series of commercials for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association, ad guy Ben Boles envisioned lots of intersections with new Hondas all coming together, and our spokespeople right there in the mix on the streets telling us all about them.

We scouted and planned the perfect locations, blocked out all the camera positions, got all the cars booked and ready to go, and had our on-camera talent en route for the big shoot. But then Mother Nature laughed at Ben's great idea and said "Not so fast, little mister." It rained. And not just a little. Buckets. All day.

Usually in a situation like that, we just shift to another day. But our on-camera people Tim and Karen are both busy professional actors, and had come in from hundreds of miles away just for the one day — the one and only time when everyone's schedules meshed. So, we punted and shot them in our studio, and went out a few days later to get our exterior footage without them.

The result was the same message, but in a very different way than the original plans.

For all the signage, director Todd Terry and editor Joey Skelton cruised around town shooting footage of real street signs, for use later in post.

The traffic footage had a bit of voodoo going on in it as well. Ben is an amazingly generous client, but we didn't want to tap his wallet too severely with a big production that actually closed and cleared busy downtown city streets. All of that work was left to post production...

Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the three-spot campaign, with Todd directing and Joey editing. As usual Ben wrestled all of the Honda side of things, and he and his trusy sidekick Mirandy handled the car wrangling.

In one of those twists of fate, the end result might have actually worked better than the original plan. Go figure.