"CashBack" spot takes on the holidays
This commercial for Redstone Federal had us cramming a whole bunch of holidays into one spot. The credit union wanted to promote a special cash-back offer on its credit cards that lasted from October through the end of the year, so we highlighted Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (with just a touch of New Years) to give a flavor of the entire holiday season.
Fortunately our creative director already owned tons of Halloween props (from the annual "Frightober Spooktacular Scare-a-bration" he hosts at home), so that part was easy. But Thanksgiving and Christmas scenes mean tons of food, and that's a lot harder. All of those duties fell to our art director Kim Brown, who did all the food styling and created lots of beautiful (fake) holiday dishes (that you definitely wouldn't want to actually eat... anyone for shaving-cream topping?).

Since this credit card offer was "3% Cash Back" there are lots of 3s in this spot. They were all practical props except the pumpkin, which was a little compositing voodoo created in post.

We brought in actor Carter Shaw from Nashville as our overly-enthusiastic holiday guy, and he did a great job through a long shoot day. Todd Terry directed the spot with Kim's production design, and Phil Schmidt writing and producing. Joey Skelton edited multiple versions of the commercial, with different ones airing after each passing holiday.

After a big shoot like this we try to get all of our equipment and props organized quickly since there are so many bits and pieces. Sometimes, though, things happen... and a week after the shoot the director discovered a rotting pumpkin in the back of his Jeep. Oh that's what that smell was. Nice. Very nice.