Dental commercial has just one simple message...
One challenge with television advertising is its brevity... sometimes there's the effort to shove everything including the kitchen sink into that short 30 or 15 seconds. We try to convince clients that usually "less is more," and that its much more effective to spend that time trying to get across one idea, rather than a whole boatload.

Well, Complete Dental took that advice to the max. We don't think we have ever produced a more "fact free" campaign. Slice-of-life footage was used to get across one simple message — smile.

These spots compliment an outdoor and print campaign already in place. With billboards already all over the city, the commercial designs mirror those that consumers were already used to seeing.

To keep budgets down to the bargain-basement level, this was one of the rare instances that we hit the trusty stock-footage pile rather than shoot new images ourselves. Phil Schmidt produced with Todd Terry directing and editing the spots based on Pheaton Guinn's original design.