Clearance spot goes bigger, bigger, BIGGER
Sometimes automotive spots can get a little boring (how many times have you seen a new car on the same winding road?). But our area's local Honda folks like to keep mixing things up and keep us on our toes.

For this clearance spot for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association, our mandate from Honda ad honcho Ben Boles was "BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER," and he liked the idea of seeing huge neon signs and banners on various buildings and landmarks in our area.

The challenge was creating a bunch of CGI signage that looked at least semi-realistic (or maybe hyper-realistic), with without having a Hollywood-sized budget (Industrial Light and Magic has bigger fish to fry).

In the end, we composited signage and banners on a bridge, a few buildings, some billboards, a store front, and a dam (where we also added water).

Here's a short behind-the-scenes video that shows one of the segments coming together.

We brought back actors Tim Ross and Karen Boles to handle the on-camera work, and we shot them downtown right at "magic hour" to match all of the neon-signage scenes. In reality that only allows about 30 good minutes of shooting time with perfect lighting (it's more like a magic half hour), so we had to work quickly.

Phil Schimdt wrote and produced the spot, with Todd Terry directing the commercial and creating all the faux signage. Our senior editor Joey Skelton designed the motion tracking and cut the final spot in one of our high-definition edit suites.

It might be a cliché, but Ben is always pushing us harder with creative ideas and thinking "outside the box." Or rather, outside the car.