Huntsville Hospital Re-Imagines
We first concocted the "Imagine" campaign for Huntsville Hospital a while before this spot (you can re-visit the first one here), but it seemed appropriate to bring the theme back for this effort for the hospital's Heart Center.

This format had worked well before when there was a need to feature a lot of state-of-the-art goings-on, and the things they can do to help your heart these days are just about as high-tech as you can get.

Fantastic Plastic's Phil Schmidt produced and wrote the commercial, with Todd Terry both directing and editing the production, along with Joey Skelton handling the compositing.

Chicago's Kyle Rehder performed the narration.

While the actor portraying Uncle John is a magician, Todd helped him refine the coin vanish technique during the shoot. Todd is a master at coin and card vanishing, and often does it when shooting on location — and all are amazed by it. Or rather amused by it. Ok... they tolerate it. Barely.

She had been away for a few years, but it was great to have Sue Esslinger back with the hospital's marketing team for this production.