If you feed them, they will come (and talk about their Hondas)
What happens when you plop brand-new Hondas right into a sea of people?

Instant testimonials.

During summer months our city hosts "food truck" events on a regular basis, with downtown streets blocked off for dozens of vendors, music and fun. Thousands of people show up, line up, and eat up.

Since Jerry Damson Honda is the event's title sponsor, Honda ad guru Ben Boles found this the perfect opportunity to bring in new Hondas, our crew, and shoot testimonial commercials for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association.

Testimonials can be tough, and finding good people who can say nice things isn't always easy... but this one was a piece of cake. Honda owners were everywhere downtown, and all happy to tell us what they liked about their cars.

We brought our on-camera Honda team of Tim Ross and Karen Boles in to interview everyone, as producer Phil Schmidt coordinated people and director Todd Terry shot the impromptu conversations. Joey Skelton edited the multiple spots back home at Fantastic Plastic.

We really appreciate Ben, who always brings great ideas and tons of enthusiasm to every project, even at the end of a long day. He was pretty excited at this event.

Or maybe he was just hopped up on corn dogs. Hard to say.