Redstone commercial sends trousers flying
We love Redstone Federal, and work for them is always interesting.

Most of the time we do the concepting for them — they tell us what they need to advertise, and then we figure out a way to bring that to the screen. Every now and then though, they hand us a concept they have already cooked up and it's our job to figure out a way to make that happen. Sometimes their concepts are really good (see the Redstone "Quilt" spot here), but sometimes they are a little more... what's the word? Quirky? Offbeat? Wacky? Whimsical? Hmmm... okay let's go with "wacky."

That was the case here, where the marketing team wanted to advertise Redstone's low rates on auto loans. AND they wanted actors ripping off their pants, "Chippendales style." Why? Well, they honestly didn't have an answer to that question, other than that they thought it would be attention-getting. Flying pants.

We took that challenge.

We just had to figure out a reason for people to be ripping off their pants for the whole thing to make sense (normally one has to be pretty darn excited for that to happen). Fortunately our creative director had a moment of inspiration and wrote the line "That beats the pants off other auto rates!"

This spot was produced by Phil Schmidt, and directed by Todd Terry (who takes full credit for writing the "beats the pants" line... just ask him). Joey Skelton edited the project with Doug Turkel providing the narration.

The effects in this spot were all practical (no CGI flying trousers), and very old-school. Not having an arsenal of real tear-away "stripper pants," all the pants (and belts!) were simply cut apart with scissors then taped back together on the actors on location. The guys all did a great job, but sadly we doubt a "Magic Mike" sequel is in the cards for any of them.