First commercials shot inside Honda plant
In our jobs whether it's riding in a fire truck, hanging out in an operating room, or even flying in a Goodyear blimp, there's always something new and different to do.

This campaign for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association is a good example of that. How often do you get to see an entire car built totally from scratch?

That's the amazing thing they do at the gigantic Honda plant in tiny Lincoln, Alabama. Most auto plants build pieces of cars, or parts for vehicles to ship elsewhere — but the Lincoln plant does everything, not only producing each individual part (thousands of them), but then putting them all together to become shiny new Hondas and Acuras.

This was the first time a camera crew had ever filmed a commercial inside this plant. Our local Honda ad guru Ben Boles cooked up the idea months earlier, but then came the "make it happen" part. Our producer Phil Schmidt spent weeks and weeks with phone calls, emails, and begging and pleading the Honda corporate folks to get us in the door.

But here's the wild thing — once we got there, the local Honda people at the plant absolutely bent over backwards to help us. They practically rolled out the red carpet and gave us access to pretty much any area we wanted to shoot (heck, they even bought us lunch and gave us nice little parting gifts)... a really great group of folks.

Once again we brought in actors Tim Ross and Karen Boles as our Honda "spokesmodels" (Tim loves that), with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing the campaign... creating a series of twenty different :30, :15, and :04 spots.

We love when our clients enjoy location shoots, and Ben and his sidekick Mirandy from the local Damson Honda dealerships seemed to have a blast. Ben even took some great footage himself with his trusty GoPro camera, and a couple of his shots even made it into the commercials. We try not to make our clients do too much of the work, but in this case we'll take it!

We think Mirandy might have accidently snapped a photo of the still-super-secret redesigned Honda Pilot... but she's sufficiently threatened to keep it under wraps.