Fantastic Plastic candidates take races statewide
Political seasons always keep us very busy at Fantastic Plastic, and we like it that way. It usually starts slow and easy a few months out, and then gets more and more frantic as election day nears and candidates want new commercial spots pumped out fast and furious.

We were privileged to work with a number of great candidates all across the state in 2014. Some were brand new to us, some were incumbents that we had worked with before. They were a varied lot, from a local candidate for a Madison County office all the way up to a statewide race.

All total, in the 2014 primaries and general election we worked for ten winning candidates.

That list includes seven candidates for the Alabama House of Representatives, one for the State Senate, a member of the Alabama Public Service Commission, and the Madison County License Director.

Agencies we worked for on these campaigns include The Driscoll Group, SRH Media, Azbell Communications, and SAHR Group.

We tried to do good work for all these candidates. Now we hope they do good work for all of us, too.