Airport and American Airlines team up
Our home airport has one claim to fame that no one is bragging about: it is the most expensive airport to fly from in the country. So when an airline here slashes prices, that's news.

This was the theme behind this :30 broadcast commercial for Huntsville International Airport and American Airlines. Our city has thousands of government employees who readily pay the high fares for business trips, but this campaign sought to nab the leisure travelers, too. It was concepted by the airport's agency, The McComm Group.

This was probably our quickest casting job ever, as we were handed this gig and given only a few days to get it complete and on the air. We brought in veteran actors Mike Cortese and Stefani Paige to get it done. They were both great and worked together well — an especially-tough feat considering it's all one continuous shot with both roles shot separately and composited together later in post.

Much thanks to Joel, Lynn, and everyone at McComm.

Albuquerque, anyone?