New Accord is quiet as a mouse, too
Fifty miles a gallon really is a lot to brag about, and we had a stylish car to talk about as well in this television commercial for the new Honda Accord Hybrid.

We wanted to put it in a stylish location, too — our creative director envisioned a big open space with lots of glass and chrome. Little did we realize that would be such a tough order to fill (there's definitely a reason that national car commercials in all those cool locations are actually shot on soundstages). We found several places that would have looked great, and one of them was less than a mile from our studios. The big problem though... you couldn't get a car inside them. In most cases the doors were simply too small, and it was impossible to remove windows or door frames to get enough access.

Finally we found a good location in Decatur, at the Alabama Robotics Technology Park, part of our longtime client Calhoun Community College. Bonus!

We were happy to see Tim Ross and Karen Boles reprise their roles as our Honda "spokesmodels." Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the commercial with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing.

This time we get to thank not only Honda's Ben Boles, but also Calhoun's Wes Torain for coming through and making our location happen.

So just how quiet is the Accord Hybrid? Well, once we were standing right next to it and didn't realize it was running. Literally.