Home is where your airport is
Lots of people seem to make the trek to neighboring airports in Birmingham and Nashville for cheaper fares, rather than flying out of Huntsville International. To win over those flyers, the airport's agency The McComm Group proposed to give the airport a hometown feel with local celebrities.

One of the challenges proved to be that, well, we really just don't have any real celebrities here. Very few George Clooneys or Sandra Bullocks call Huntsville home and Tallulah Bankhead has been dead for a half century. So, in the end we went mostly with notables from the civic and business communities here... a former congressman, the mayor, a retired shuttle astronaut, even the "Rocket City Rednecks" from the National Geographic channel.

This production faced challenges galore: catching planes right at the gate, airport regulations, tight schedules from the various talent. Plus, this was a December shoot that had to stay evergreen, so we had to painstakingly avoid shooting all of the zillions of Christmas decorations (we couldn't shoot around one gigantic wreath that had to be removed later in post). But in the end we were able to produce ten different spots.

So, can an airport really give you a warm-n-fuzzy feeling? We'll admit, probably not. But we hope we left people thinking that if they have to fly, might as well do it from home.