Botanical Gardens host big Damson shoot
Sometimes we get lucky.

When we have big outdoor shoots, we become a bit like the farmers — always watching the skies and hoping for that perfect forecast. For this campaign for the North Alabama Honda Dealers Association our location was the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. And while we had a beautiful setting, we needed beautiful weather to go along with it for three days. The week had flooding on Monday. A monsoon on Friday. And in the middle, three gorgeous days right when our shoot was scheduled.

Clean living pays off!

We had to plan our days carefully and work fast to shoot eight thirty-second commercials in three very busy days, and allow for all the little things that slow down a big exterior shoot: the sounds of lawn mowers and airplanes, tour groups that drop by, and pesky clouds that won't budge.

This shoot took a a lot of our toys — several of our HMI and LED daylight lighting instruments, silks, reflectors, and our camera crane.

We enjoyed having Tim Ross again as our on-camera talent, brought back from North Carolina after his previous Honda shoot with us. This time he was joined by Karen Boles, and even though we cast them completely separately, Tim and Karen happen to be old friends who had worked together before. We think the chemistry shows.

Fantastic Plastic's Phil Schmidt wrote and produced the campaign, with Todd Terry directing and Joey Skelton editing.

The Honda association's Ben Boles kept us in line during the week (and with a constant supply of fresh camera-ready vehicles). He's the best!