Credit Union continues "green" campaign
Once again, Redstone Federal lets us have some fun.

This second commercial in the credit union's "Going Green" campaign took us to the beach (you can see the first commercial here). This spot focused on paperless bill paying online.

Principal photography was completed on location in only about four hours.

Much of the work on this commercial took place in post production, since neither time nor budgets allowed us to actually travel to the coast for location shooting.  The footage was photographed with our e35mm camera system on an artificial beach about 350 miles from the nearest real surf — so the sky, shoreline, and waves were composited together back in the studio.

Image of beachsfx.jpg

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed, with Phil Schmidt as producer. Joey Skelton edited the spot, with art direction by Kim Brown.  Janette Smith is back as the Redstone spokesperson, with Doug Turkel as the narrator.

Sometimes TV magic is fun.