Commercial shows airports are worlds apart
This commercial for Huntsville International Airport put us in two different worlds — at the same time.

The airport's agency, McWhorter Communications, envisioned a concept where we see two different travelers: one who flies out of Huntsville International, and one who travels a couple of hours to fly out of a different neighboring airport.

Guess which passenger had the better experience?

Fantastic Plastic's Phil Schmidt served as producer, with Todd Terry directing and editing. Joey Skelton handled the music design. The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system, with 1080p 24fps post production in one of our uncompressed edit suites.

This is one of those productions that has a fair number of "invisible effects" in it, such as the scene where the canceled flights appear. That scene was all composited from various elements, as that environment and even the departure board itself doesn't really exist.

Principal photography took about a day and a half. Eugene Banks and Kelley McKaig played our travelers, with Janet Ault as the narrator.

Working in busy airports is always a challenge for logistic and security reasons — but Lynn, Joel, and all of the McWhorter folks helped make it easy. They even wrangled the extras!