Credit Union goes green in new campaign
Redstone Federal is always so fun, and they let us do interesting projects.

This thirty-second high-definition TV commercial kicked off their "Going Green" campaign encouraging members to use their online services and more "paperless" things like that. This first spot in the campaign focused on credit cards.

It was all part of a big promotion and giveaway awarding a member a new iPad each week, with a grand prize Toyota Prius.

This was a chaotic scene by design, but it all went pretty smoothly. Principal photography was completed in less than a day.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed, with Phil Schmidt as producer. Joey Skelton edited the spot, with art direction by Kim Brown. The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system, with 1080p 24fps post production in one of our uncompressed edit suites.

One of our favorite people, Janette Smith, reprises her role as the Redstone spokesperson, with Doug Turkel as the narrator.

The only problem with faking a vacation is that it makes us want to go on a real one.