Fast turnaround for community college spot
We normally save our News and Portfolio sections for our "bigger" productions — usually meaning more involved, more complex, or bigger-budget projects.

But every now and then we like to show that we can do the quick-n-easy things, too.

We had a few mandates from our client Calhoun Community College about this commercial advertising their free GED classes. Basically, they wanted it "fast and cheap." This was an advertising need that suddenly came up with their marketing department, so they needed it in an extreme hurry. Likewise, they didn't have a budget allotted for it, so they needed something extremely affordable.

Principal photography started on this commercial at about 10am on a Tuesday. By 2pm the next day, the client was approving the finished production. We're pretty fast, but that's a quick pace even for us.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed, with Phil Schmidt as producer and Joey Skelton editing. The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system, with 1080p 24fps post production in one of our uncompressed edit suites.

Wes and Janet at Calhoun are always real peaches to work with — they have good ideas of their own, and are easy to please.

When a client says they want something "good, fast, and cheap" the tired old line is, "Sure, but you get to pick only two of those." It's no "Gone With the Wind" by any stretch, but in this case we think we managed to deliver all three of those things fairly well.