Credit Union's Gold ADDY® winning commercial touts no fees
Redstone Federal is definitely one of our favorites. Unlike a lot of banking clients, they don't go for the stuffy spots and let us do things that are a bit more fun.

If you use an ATM card, you might have noticed that for a while banks were suddenly tacking on an extra monthly charge for the privilege, often with extra fees for other services, too. Redstone promoted their "no fee" services in this thirty-second broadcast spot.

It all went very smoothly, and despite a lot of pre-production all of the principal photography was completed in a single one-day shoot. In the end, this commercial didn't see much play because shortly after it started running, many of those banks dropped their excessive fees. We like to take full credit for that. Ok, maybe partial credit.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry wrote and directed the Gold ADDY®-winning commercial, with Phil Schmidt as producer. Senior editor Joey Skelton cut the project, with art direction by Kim Brown. We built the interior bank set, created the faux bank exterior, and the ATM suction machine.

The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system, with uncompressed 1080p 24fps post production in our newest high-definition editing suite.

Veteran Hollywood actor Ed Crick reprises his role as the Redstone spokesman, as he has for many of our productions with them.

We always look forward to working with Jackie Brown, Ken Jost and all of our favorite Redstone pals.

The only problem? Our prop collection now includes a bright green bicycle that we really don't know what to do with.