HD commercial shows check deposits — by phone!
Redstone Federal keeps us pretty busy — and we love them for that.

There's always something new at the credit union, and when Redstone launched a new smartphone app they called on us to get the word out. This neat little application lets you deposit a check right into your RFCU account without ever leaving the house, just using your smartphone! It's practically magic. Practically.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed the commercial, with Phil Schmidt as producer. We honestly don't remember who wrote it, because it kept passing back and forth between the folks at Redstone and the gang here. We think the raw idea started at RFCU, and Todd and Phil massaged it into the finished script. Senior editor Joey Skelton cut the project, with art direction by Kim Brown.

The always-great Janette Smith stars as the host of the commercial, along with Bobby Becher. You might remember Bobby as he is reprising his student role from a previous ADDY®-winning Redstone commercial.

The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system at the main Redstone branch and a couple of other locations in Huntsville. The interior dorm room set was created in our studio.

Here's where we usually say something to try to suck up to Redstone. They really are among our very favorite clients and always so great to work with.

You can't see it in the final edit, but the card the college student receives in the mail has a "Hang in there, baby" kitty on it. Oh, those hip grandparents.