Credit Union opens new branch with HD commercial
Redstone Federal is always so much fun. Who else can say that about their financial institution? Not stuffy bankers, they sometimes let us get a little bit wacky.

The credit union is always growing, and opened a new branch in Murfreesboro, Tennessse — an area where they had never been before. Since the holidays were approaching, we created this seasonal commercial to attract new customers with low auto loan rates.

A few years earlier we did a Redstone holiday spot with "Larry the Elf," an adult actor in an elf costume. We brought this concept back with Larry's brother "Jerry the Elf," since the original actor was not available to reprise the role.

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed the commercial, with Phil Schmidt as writer and producer. Senior editor Joey Skelton cut the project, with art direction and costume design by Kim Brown.

The always-funny Bill Jenkins stars as Jerry, with Noah Johnson as the tiny elf and Nichole Arsenalt as the damsel in distress. Karen Hutton and Doug Turkel provided the narration.

The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system on location in Murfreesboro and Huntsville. The uncompressed 1080p 24fps post production was completed in our newest high-definition editing suite.

As usual, we can't say enough good things about Redstone. They're our "dream client."

By the way, elf shoes are surprisingly uncomfortable.