Credit Union's HD campaign is full of characters
We always love working with Redstone. Not a stuffy bank, the credit union is just a really fun client that always lets us do interesting projects.

The series of three television commercials promoted their loans, solicited new credit union memberships, and advertised their MemberPlus program.

This one kept our cast and crew very very busy. During the three-day shoot we completed principal photography with more than 30 camera set-ups at 14 different locations, as our main actor played a dozen different characters (lots of costume changes).

Fantastic Plastic's Todd Terry directed the campaign, with Phil Schmidt as writer and producer, and senior editor Joey Skelton cutting the project. One of the hardest jobs went to our art director Kim Brown, who wrangled the many props and created the dozen different wardrobe looks... everything from Mariachi musician to rodeo clown.

The production was photographed with our e35mm camera system, with uncompressed 1080p 24fps post production in our newest high-definition editing suite.

We really appreciated the energy and stamina of our lead actor Mike Cortese. He had to wear so many different hats (literally) and do some crazy things, but he was always up for it.

Many thanks go to Ken Jost and the rest of the Redstone team for trusting us with their work, especially our favorite Redstone galpal Jackie Brown.